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Foodbeast joins us to declare the top 10 mouthwatering foods you need to eat right now. The video will explain them all — from monkey-style burgers to ice-cream-stuffed doughnuts — and the list of links below will direct you to recipes and tips for how you can actually try each trend at home.

  1. Monkey-style burger
  2. Bacon burger
  3. Spam fries
  4. Ramen-crusted chicken wings
  5. Cheese-stuffed Doritos
  6. Waffle tacos
  7. Movie theater popcorn cake
  8. Chocolate chip cookie milk shot
  9. Chocolate chip cookie cinnamon roll
  10. The Milky Bun (ice-cream-stuffed doughnuts)

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What is it? Nothing is better on a hot day than a doughnut filled with ice cream. However, these aren’t just vanilla and chocolate. Their flavors range from Acai Blueberry Sorbet to Cookie Butter and Strawberry Cookie Crunch. You also get to put all the toppings you’d like, then stuff it all into a fresh doughnut.

Yahoo top ten on YELP article

A grill that serves rattlesnake-rabbit sausage. A casino buffet. An ice cream shop with decadent stuffed doughnuts. A halal food truck with a secret sauce. A bistro with fresh, hot beignets.

These are just a few of the places on Yelp’s list of the 10 Most Reviewed Places to Eat in America. The popular establishments had the necessary ingredients to inspire the most buzz in 2014 from Yelpers, who relished sharing their opinions about the food, service, and ambience at these spots.

Each of the 10 received well over 1,000 Yelp reviews and at least four out of five stars, so the feedback for the food and ambiance, across the board, was primarily positive. Also generating praise were the service and the prices.

The common denominator? These are food destinations loved (and, in only a few cases, disliked) by real people, not restaurant critics. They serve some exceptional dishes, have sparked a culinary curiosity, or boast a unique specialty that inspired the Yelp faithful to spread the word.

Check out the top ten slideshow above and let us know if you’ve eaten at any of these places. Love 'em? Hate 'em? Share your thoughts on Yahoo Food’s Facebook page or Tweet us at @YahooFood.

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California creamery, Afters Ice Cream, has concocted a new, advanced type of donut that allows consumers to customize the filling with their very own ice cream. 

To order, hungry patrons choose the ice cream, fill, seal, and eat. The shop uses a waffle-iron-like press to seal the bun and what you end up getting is a phenomenal contrast of what the Food Beast calls, "warm, dense sweetness and cool, creamy flavor."

The decadent pastry-ice cream hybrid, called the "Milky Bun," comes from the minds of two fashion industry veterans, Andy Nguyen, the CEO of IM King, and Scott Nghiem, the owner of Thorocraft footwear.

Some are even claiming the new West Coast treat could be the ultimate rival to New York's famous Cronut.

One Yelp! reviewer, Alyza C., writes "It's so good I almost fainted."

The majority of reviewers recommend the "milk and cereal" milky bun. "Why? Cause it's delicious," writes Plum S.


1. Ice Cream Donuts
Ice cream sealed inside a hot donut? This isn’t your typical ice cream sandwich. Known as the “Milky Bun,” Afters Ice Cream's unique treat is premium creamy, soft ice cream sealed inside a glazed donut "bun." Patrons first choose their desired ice cream: Afters has “normal” flavors like mint chocolate, but fan favorites have been more unique flavors such as Cookie Monster, milk and cereal, Vietnamese coffee, and jasmine milk tea. The milky bun is then sliced open, filled with ice cream, and resealed with extra batter using a press similar to a waffle iron. The result is a hot, dense, creamy concoction that will blow away any ice cream sandwich or donut you’ve had before. At Afters Ice Cream, 18030 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley. Afters also operates a food truck based out of Santa Ana. For more info including hours of operation, visit aftersicecream.com.