If your anything like me then you definitely have a sweet tooth. Well I think I have met my match and I like, scratch that LOVE the new craze that AFTERS ICE CREAM has introduced to the world, behold THE MILKY BUN.

Clearly you have been hiding under a massive rock if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. It’s like heaven and vacation decided to spawn! Well maybe not that but it is the best thing I’ve ever tried! It’s a warm Donut filled with your choice of any of their handcrafted ice creams (The flavors range from Cookie Butter, to Churro, to Jasmine Milk Tea to my personal favorite Milk and Cereal) and don’t forget the toppings! I don’t think words can actually describe what this place is really like. So what if the lines are long the ice cream speaks for itself! If you are in the OC area make sure you check this place out, its a must! Click on the picture above and find out everything you need to know! Also a big thank you to Afters Ice Cream for having us down there this morning and openiing you shop to us and our lsiteners!