I Scream for Late Night Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream

It’s the late night dessert of Orange County.

After’s ice cream

Nestled in Fountain Valley is the after hours hang out, Afters Ice Cream. Like any amazing business idea, it all started with a late night craving of ice cream. What really lit this place up is their creation of the Milky Bun, a delicious donut filled with artisanal ice cream. Not every donut can do it, this one is special. The milky bun is the perfect treat, a hot pastry filled with cold ice cream. The hot, cold effect is not a DIY experience. The unique flavors like the acai blueberry sorbet and the jasmine milk tea are so playful refreshingly original.

After’s ice cream

Milky Bun Break Down: You have your bun, glazed or non glazed, choose your ice cream flavors, and then choose a topping (included in the price). They reassemble the bun with their proprietary machinery that seals the bun while heating the outside and cooling the inside. When you get it back its this complexity of temperatures with a delicious creamy effect.

After’s ice cream

There are a lot of other dessert places opening up but Afters offers an against-the-grain feel for a more youthful culture. With that said, all walks of life have joined in on the party, which you can see with the line that is normally out the door. Afters Ice Cream goes beyond the dessert, it also offers a lifestyle. It is a place to come and hang out with your friends and family. They have plenty of out door seating where loud music from the shop can be heard. It’s not like going to Golf Land or Family Fun Center. Their goal is to revive the night life. What’s also great about this place is that it’s a local business. You’re not giving your money to some corporate mogul but rather giving it to your neighbor and developing your community internally. It’s living local.

 ice cream


Native Knowledge: There is a line, but come at the right time. We visited on a Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. and there were only three people in line. With that said, don’t feel rushed. Once your in the front feel free to ask questions. They would even let you try every flavor if you wanted to (I actually did this and I don’t suggest this, the flavors start to blend together).