1. Ice Cream Donuts
Ice cream sealed inside a hot donut? This isn’t your typical ice cream sandwich. Known as the “Milky Bun,” Afters Ice Cream's unique treat is premium creamy, soft ice cream sealed inside a glazed donut "bun." Patrons first choose their desired ice cream: Afters has “normal” flavors like mint chocolate, but fan favorites have been more unique flavors such as Cookie Monster, milk and cereal, Vietnamese coffee, and jasmine milk tea. The milky bun is then sliced open, filled with ice cream, and resealed with extra batter using a press similar to a waffle iron. The result is a hot, dense, creamy concoction that will blow away any ice cream sandwich or donut you’ve had before. At Afters Ice Cream, 18030 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley. Afters also operates a food truck based out of Santa Ana. For more info including hours of operation, visit aftersicecream.com.