For anyone who actually cares about what they're putting into their bodies at Coachella this weekend — and we mean food, sustenance — there are a ton of delicious new offerings this year, from full multicourse, sit-down dinners in the Rose Garden and VIP area to loaded hot dogs, ice cream donut sandwiches and Roy Choi hot pots. Of course you can have Spicy Pie, corn dogs and Crab Fries, but there's so much more to be had. Here are 12 things to have on your radar when hunger strikes.



10) Milky Buns at Afters Ice Cream

Here's all you really need to know about Afters Ice Cream from Fountain Valley: ice cream-stuffed donut sandwiches. Choose your ice cream flavor, maybe Vietnamese coffee or milk and cereal, they slap it between a donutlike sweet bun, seal it on an iron and you eat it. You'll have to be in the main VIP area to get them.